International Short Film Festival 2007, Independent Films on Iran

Image taken from the night it rained

Kamran Shirdel Filmography

  1. The Mirrors (B&W, 18 min., 1965-80); winner of the diploma of honor from the World Cinema School Film Festival in Tokyo
  2. Silver Canvas (B&W, 18 min., 1965)
  3. Women's Prison (B&W, 11 min., 1965)
  4. Tehran Is the Capital of Iran (B&W, 18 min., 1965-80)
  5. Women's Quarter (B&W, 18 min., 1965-80); Awards: Diploma of Honor (Moscow International Film Festival, 1980); Fipresci Award (Krakow International Film Festival, 1980); Best Documentary Award (Milad Film Festival, Iran, 1980); Screened in Moscow, Krakow, Warsaw, Prague, Dehli, Bombay, Paris, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Reggio Calabria, Rome, Montreal, Lisbon, Matera, Helsinki, Leipzig, Beirut, Dubai, Doha, Chicago, UCLA, and others
  6. The Night It Rained (B&W, 35 min., 1968); winner Grand Prix, Third Tehran International Film Festival)
  7. The Morning of the 4th Day (feature, 1971-72)
  8. Dubai (Color, 45 min., 1975)
  9. Kuwait (unfinished, 1975)
  10. Fojaireh Emirate (unfinished, 1975)
  11. Camera (unfinished, feature, 1975-76); banned and confiscated during shooting
  12. Gas, Fire, Wind (color, 45 min., 1984-86); winner of the Geography Section Award at the Iranian Roshd Film Festival
  13. Genaveh Plan (color, 45 min., 1986-89); winner of Best Film at the 1st Shorts Film Festival (1990); winner of award at the Roshd Film Festival
  14. Mobarakeh Steel Plant (color, 1990, two versions: 70 min & 17 min.)
  15. Polyacril Plant (color, 35 min., 1990-91)
  16. Cradle of the Sun (color, Beta cam, 45 min., 1999-2000)
  17. Solitude Opus 1 (color, Beta cam, 18 min., 2001-02); winner of the Special Jury Award at the FIKE International Film Festival - EVORA/PORTUGAL 2003.

Mr. Shirdel has also directed numerous industrial and promotional documentaries, including about seventy during a period between 1976 and 1984, and forty more from 1991 to 1999.


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