International Short Film Festival 2007, Independent Films on Iran


Like the short story, the short film is an unique art form. But unlike the short story, there is little opportunity for experiencing them. That's why prestigious short film festivals like Clermont-Ferrand in France, Tampere in Finland and Siena in Italy were established. International Short Film Festival, Independent Films on Iran now joins these ranks with the specific objective of exposing and celebrating Iranian short films.

The concise nature of the short film makes it especially conducive for exploring subjects that people might not generally be familiar with. It allows the viewer a method for learning a small aspect of a different culture, which is the first step in understanding that culture.

It will no doubt come as a surprise to even the most knowledgeable filmgoers that nearly 1500 short films are made each year by Iranian filmmakers or concerning Iran. International Short Film Festival, Independent Films on Iran, then, seeks to showcase any short film made by Iranian filmmakers, as well as any short film made by any filmmaker that focuses on Iranian subject matter. It will thereby give exposure to filmmakers whose work might not otherwise be seen, and give viewers the chance to learn about a culture that remains widely misunderstood.


IFVC and the Ziba Foundation, the two organizations responsible for the first New York International Short Film Festival: Independent Films on Iran, have collectively decided, based on the success of the first festival, that it should become a bi-annual event. Preparations will be made early next year to begin inviting submissions for the next festival, likely to be held in fall of 2010.

The first festival was held at the Asia Society from October 19th to 21st, 2007. Through a combination of films made by Iranian filmmakers on any subject and films made by non-Iranians on Iranian subjects, the festival seeks to shine a light on what is still a very misunderstood culture in the western world.


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